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What We Do

Osool's integrated approach combines comprehensive asset management and operational strategies with modern technological solutions to deliver highly optimised services tailored for each investment.

Asset Management Division

Osool’s Asset Management Division optimizes the real estate portfolio, leveraging global experience to drive maximum business impact.  Our coordinated approach involves close collaboration with all Osool’s Divisions. Services include tactical asset management, performance monitoring, capital project oversight, market insights, customer satisfaction surveys, and risk management. Our expertise allows us to consistently exceed targets, track KPIs, and ensure growth and profitability.

Commercial Division

Osool’s Commercial Division is committed to optimizing our leasing portfolio by providing a variety of services designed to maximize asset values and ensure client satisfaction.
These services cover strategic leasing solutions, including data-driven pricing strategies, tenant mix optimization, and competitive benchmarking. Our experienced team also focuses on tenant sourcing, screening, lease negotiations, and market analysis, ensuring the development of successful tenant retention strategies.

Furthermore, our Lease Administration team oversees all leasing activities for retail, office, and residential properties. They meticulously manage contract renewals, collections, and dispute mitigation, providing efficient and reliable support.

In addition, our Marketing Services utilize property data analytics to identify trends and create compelling in-property advertising opportunities. They design and execute promotion and activation events, utilizing digital and traditional marketing channels to enhance occupancy rates, maintain an optimal tenant mix, maximize property values, and increase overall property awareness.

Project Development Division

The Project Development Division is responsible for the planning, designing, and construction of real estate projects. It plays a pivotal role in overseeing the safe and timely completion of deliverables, ensuring the realization of sustainable and high-quality projects while mitigating risks and adhering to budgetary constraints. This Division is essential in maintaining the integrity, safety, and functionality of the built environment.

Managing a unique portfolio, our Project Development Division oversees a gross leasable area of circa 4 million square meters across 29 projects, encompassing over 330 buildings. This Division is comprised of professionals, such as architects, civil engineers, project managers, cost controllers and planners, commercial specialists, and construction delivery specialists.

The Project Development Division's primary focus is on the evaluation of development plans, feasibility studies, and alignment with corporate goals. Throughout the process, the division oversees various aspects such as commercial and contract management, design management, construction management, risk management, compliance and regulatory control, and post-construction management. These processes encompass acquiring necessary resources, coordinating with diverse team members, adhering to safety requirements, regulations, and standards, and proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks. As the construction phase transitions into the operational phase, our division remains committed to delivering projects of the highest quality, on time, and within budget.

Operations Management Division

Osool’s holistic approach to maintaining client satisfaction includes implementing expert services that cater to the evolving needs of tenants, ensuring optimal performance across multiple property types. We manage properties and shared spaces, adhering to leasing agreements, financial accounts, budgets, and service quality assessments.

Our facilities management oversees the highest level of upkeep by effectively administering hard and soft services, as well as managing security, health, safety, and environmental elements. We specialize in managing service providers and contractors, adhering to industry standards, KPIs, and timelines to ensure the successful execution of projects. Furthermore, we optimize parking management by allocating space efficiently and providing accessible solutions adapted to current property demands.

We are committed to digitizing building management systems and customer service processes to streamline procedures and enhance the tenant experience. Additionally, we handle project handovers to ensure a smooth operational start for new projects and manage tenant fit-outs to ensure compliance with building rules, laws, and design objectives.