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Granada Mall

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Located on the vibrant Eastern Ring Road, Granada Mall is a one-stop shopping destination in Riyadh, embodying the city’s diverse culture and lively atmosphere. It offers a variety of local and international brands, merging conventional and modern shopping experiences. Granada Mall caters to every member of the family, providing a complete experience that encompasses shopping, entertainment, and dining, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Active Section Overview

Established in 2005, Granada Mall’s active section maintains a high occupancy of 95% with a diverse range of retailers. To ensure an exceptional experience for shoppers and retailers alike, Osool takes charge of top-notch facility management. Our dedicated focus on retail tenants ensures smooth and efficient retail operations, enabling them to thrive and succeed in their businesses. We implement rigorous measures to ensure the security, maintenance, and continuous enhancement of the mall, creating an enjoyable environment for all.


Car Parking

3,200 parking spaces


387 retail units

Mall Expansion Overview

Granada Mall’s expansion in the existing development’s north and south regions is nearing completion, positioning it as one of Riyadh’s largest malls. With the addition of 36,317 square meters of GLA, the total GLA will reach an expansive 124,141 square meters. The expanded mall will be home to over two hundred diverse retail units, offering a wide range of shopping and dining options. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a cinematic experience with a 14-screen multiplex cinema.


Newly Established Retail

266 retail units added after expansion


14-screen multiplex community cinema